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Vi servar dig med felsökning, optimering och problemlösning.
We supply you with troubleshooting, optimization and problem solving.

Technical service

With competence in for instance refineries, process industry, papermills and nuclear power our skilled technicians can provide all the help you need in order to meet exactly the quality requirements raised on your operation. We offer service in a wide range of areas, such as

  • troubleshooting to quickly remedy faults and minimize costs,
  • problem solving to identify and remedy operational and process technical distruptions as well as
  • optimization of control parametres in order to guarantee a consistent quality.

Our technicians can participate on site upon start and loop-check to minimize the risk of electrical and instrumentation defects that could complicate or delay the start, as well as make sure that all safety functions are in order. Through planning and timetabling we can release a contact for your company, and we offer to perform preventive maintenance and troubleshooting on a regular basis.

Vi kalibrerar både i vår verkstad och ute i fält.
We calibrate both in our workshop as well as out on the field.


Processkontroll AB has a modern and well equipped calibration laboratory, which corresponds to the high requirements on accuracy and quality in the industry. All our reference instruments are traceable to national and international normals through certificates and minutes according to ISO 9000 and EN 45000. We address most variables such as pressure, temperature, flow, voltage, current and resistance and offer a range of services in this area. We take the instruments for our workshop for cablibration, perform tests and pre calibration of new equipment before an installation, as well as perform calibration on site with our portable equipment.

Gas är ingenting att leka med. Vi hjälper dig att öka säkerheten.
Gas is nothing to play with. We help you to increase the security.

Gas detection

Gas may be a hazardous substance. Through a well-developped safety thinking you can protect both personnel and plant. Processkontroll AB has long experience from working with issues around safety, helth and environment regarding equipment for combustible and toxic gases. We assist you all the way from design to installation of suitable alarms and commissioning. In our complete workshop we perform service works on most makes on the market, both portable and stationary, and our personnel can perform service works both on site and off site through current rental agreements as well as on ships along the coast. An increasing focus on the working environment also increases the demand for gas detection. With an own portable unit you never have to doubt whether the environment you work in is safe and healthy.

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