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Mechanical workshop valve service

Provtryckning av säkerhetsventiler i provbänk.

Provtryckning av säkerhetsventiler i provbänk.

Our mechanical workshop has a number of skilled technicians who are ready to provide fast an professional service in our workshop or with the customer. With the assistance of our mobile equipment we can provide full service on site and at the same time minimize the risk of disruptions. Testing of safety valves on-line with the so called Teson-method is something of our speciality and means that you save both time and money.

We constantly work with three categories of valves:

  • Control valves
  • Safety valves
  • Shut-off valves (above all kildslid valves)

Our workshop also performs grinding of mechanical seals as well as pressure tests of all kinds of valves with up to 500 bar. We also pressure test pipe systems and valves with helium in order to measure possible leakage.

Welding workshop

The department consists of both welding and metal workshops, mainly focused on service in instrumentation installations. Our welding equipment includes:

  • MIG weld
  • TIG weld
  • Electrial weld
  • Gas weld
  • Spot weld

We offer for instance computer orbital weld for stainless small pipes from 3 to 52 millimeters, as well as plasma torch for sheet metal working. We also offer cabinet building, for example for laboratory and analysis equipment.

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