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Avancerade klenrörsinstallationer är vår vardag. Vi hjälper dig gärna!
Advanced small pipe installations is our daily life. We are happy to assist you!

Instrumentation installation

Instrumentation installation forms the base in Processkontroll’s business. We once started in refineries and petrochemicals, and then expanded in among others paper and pulp, nuclear power, power companies and pharmaceuticals. The department Instrumentation installation consists of project leaders, supervisors and installation engineers. A complete and sufficient organisation to manage everything from separate installation works to extensive contracts such as a new industry or factory. Through constant training we make sure we are always updated in technology security and standards in areas such as ATEX, PED, power and hot works. We have long experience of installations in Ex environments and work on complex process plants in operation. Our special qualifications are

  • installation of process instruments
  • pneumatics
  • small pipes
  • ladder mounting with cabling
  • field bus
  • main distribution works and 
  • contacting of fibre cabling.

In order to be able to offer our customers cost effective works we invest and develop in own fitting details. If necessary we also have complete field workshops on site.


Our workshop offers production of modules and riggs to order. It might be small as well as large process units, built from the customer specifications or developed by us. It might also be a turnkey unit or part of a plant, checked-out and tested for commissioning.

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Responsible Instrumentation installation (and deputy business unit manager)

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