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Our experienced constructors will assist you with everything from

simple sketches to full-scale function descriptions.

Electrical and instrumentation design

Long experience of electrical and instrumentation design provides a competent cooperation partner, whether you need reinforcement in a project or assistance with design work on current account. med löpande konstruktionsarbete. We have taken part in the development of a range of prototypes either by working with simple sketches or full-scale function descriptions, which can consist of both electrical and instrumentation design. Our close cooperation with the other departments in Processkontroll provides continuity and understanding of the product and the way it is used. Test and commissioning is always included in our own projects. And, of course we offer this service also in other contexts.

On site or in our premises

Besides to function as project or mounting supervisor our department also take part as responsible for the electrical and instrumentation disciplines in larger projects, either in our own premises or on site. Thanks to our long experience in the petrochemical field all our constructors have been involved in different Ex applications. We confidently assert that we are skilled in line of business.

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Responsible for Electrical and instrumentation design

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