Services and products in electricity,
control & regulation as well as automation
for industry and plants

Processkontroll AB is a company in VINCI Energies Nordic. We are approximately 70 employees with an annual turnover of approx. 90 million Swedish Crowns. We have offices and a workshop in Stora Höga outside Stenungsund, but work all over the country. Under the flap “About VINCI” you find more information about both our sister companies and our parent company.

Our breadth makes us unique

We dare say that we are alone in Sweden to offer such a wide range with everything from drawings, design and programming to installation and maintenance, as well as service in any of our complete workshops or out in the field. We have a flexible organisation with short decision-making process and proximity to the activities. This will be of use to our customer in terms of flexibility and rapid efforts with qualified and motivated personnel. Processkontroll is an agile and responsive contractor customer proximity – irrespective of where he or she is.

Our business concept

We shall offer the industry services and products in electricity, control systems and automation. The most important part is traditionally field installation in process instrumentation, where our installations meet high requirements in areas such as instrumentation installations, small piping installations, cabling and connection works, pneumatic installations as well as building of analysis and automation cabinets.

In addition, we offer experienced technicians in current maintenance, calibration, troubleshooting, repare works and commissioning of process instrumentation as well as valve technicians in current maintenance, test pressure, density control, repare works and commissioning of the most common valve types on the market.

Our constructors and project leaders support the activities, either directly through project management or indirectly through design and installation documentation.

The environment is important!

Environment is a concern for us all. We all want to breathe clean and fresh air, bathe in clean and fresh water, eat good and healthy food, drink clean and healthy water, walk in a clean and healthy nature. We also want future generations to experience a clean environment. To secure this it is important that everyone contribute in any way they can. Processkontroll is environmentally certified in accordance with ISO 14001 and our environmental commitment is high.

Soon 50 years in Swedish process industry

It is with pride we look back upon our many years in the trade with many assignments worldwide. We look to the future with confidence. The vision is clear to all of us working in Processkontroll AB.

With genuin competence and commitment we shall continue to provide our customers according to their expectations – and more!


HistoriebokProcesskontroll was founded in 1970 by Dag Köhlqvist and after sixteen years the first subsidiary was born. At its peak the  Processkontroll group consisted of ten companies and had a turnover of over 300 million SEK and approx. 160 employees. In 2001 Processkontroll Elektriska was founded and in 2012 Processkontroll Elektriska and Processkontroll AB was acquired by the Vinci group, in which companies such as Emil Lundgren and Actemium are a part.

The following companies have former been part of the Processkontroll group:

ITEMS – sells components for instrumentation

Corona Control – offers high quality control valve solutions for customers in the process industry

PK Mekaniska – operates as subcontractor with mechanical treatment mainly for the export industry

Processkontroll GT – Green Technology designs, produces and erects tank stations for natural gas

Processkontroll AB – works with instrumentation installations and service

Processkontroll Elektriska – Electrical installations for low and medium voltage

Conductor A/S – Electrical and instrumentation installations in Norway

Processkontroll PID Fastigheter – Owns and manages properties

Processkontroll Administration – Administration and support services

Processkontroll PID – the mother company of the old group